Celemi Sustainability Workshop

Sustainability Transformation in Action

Shifting to a sustainable business model means constantly balancing the demands of people, planet and prosperity.

In this workshop, we use a world-class business simulation to explore how a company can be both sustainable and prosperous. Participants work in teams to drive a sustainability transformation for a fictitious company, and they are tasked with the goal of achieving success across a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of People, Planet and Profit.

The facilitated experience shrinks a 10-year time-frame into a 1-day session during which participants will:

  • Assess a company’s current sustainability performance by discovering the scope, people and measures that shape its sustainable future.
  • Act as advisors to a fictional company transforming their sustainability performance in a simulated environment
  • Deepen their understanding of sustainability in business through the simulation feedback, each other’s experiences and facilitator debrief

Participants will learn:

  • Scope and language of sustainability
  • Sustainability change initiatives
  • Business value through sustainability
  • Success factors for long-term transformation
  • Risks and opportunities
  • How they, as an employee, can make a difference

PLUS: This workshop is a lively, engaging team building experience in which participants will learn more about each other and have a chance to think about how they can support each other’s sustainability goals in the future.

We recommend:
Consider coupling this session with a custom-designed Agile, problem-solving, risks and opportunities, or strategic planning workshop to keep the momentum going and bring further insights into your business.

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