Workshop: From linear to circular thinking: embracing the circular economy

Understanding the linear and circular economy, and why circular thinking is the way forward for your business

To thrive in changing times, your business needs to shift from linear to circular thinking. Why? Well, resources aren’t infinite. Our planet has limits. And products that are designed to eliminate waste and keep resources in the economy equalte to exciting opportunties for your business to prosper in changing times whilst benefiting people and planet, too.

Our Cirucular Economy Workshop is a participatory half-day workshop that allows participants to work in teams to explore the existing linear economy and build an understanding of its limitations. Armed with new perspectives, we use group discussions and an interactive card game to help participants identify ways to move  towards a more sustainable, circular model that uses fewer resources, designs out waste and respects the limits of our planet.

By linking learning to your business, we invite participants to think critically and creatively about what the circular economy means for you and your business.

Participants leave the workshop with an increased awareness of why circularity matters, inspired to bring their knowledge into their roles at home and work, and tangible actions that they can start to apply in different areas of their lives.

We recommend:
Consider coupling this session with a custom-designed Agile, problem-solving, risks and opportunities, or strategic planning workshop to keep the momentum going and bring further insights into your business.

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  • For employees, teams, heads of department, managers, stakeholders, customers
  • Groups of 12-16 allow for rich discussions with one facilitator. Larger groups possible with multiple facilitators.
  • In person at a location of your choice or online
  • 4 hours, plus additional workshop add-ons as needed

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