From the CEO to your cleaning team, everyone in your business has a role to play in your sustainability journey.

We offer interactive, participatory workshops that get everyone engaged and involved in your vision so that they can contribute to your sustainability success story.

Sustainability Workshops Austria | Nachhaltigkeit Workshops Oesterreich

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability in business isn’t as simple as it seems at first glance.

Using a world-class interactive simulation, your team will learn to think critically about the many dimensions and decisions needed to support a successful sustainability transition, and how they can apply their learning to their roles in your business.

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Understanding Climate Change

Your business is being held accountable for reducing its emissions, and your employees can help.

Using a team-based workshop, we’ll build understanding of the challenges and help participants connect their actions to reducing CO2 emissions at work, and elsewhere.

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Thinking Circular

To thrive in changing times, your business needs to shift from linear to circular thinking. Our participatory workshop builds understanding of current linear models of design, production and use, and invites critical and creative thinking about what the circular economy means for you and your business.

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Custom-designed workshops

Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? Want to combine one of our sustainability, climate change or circular economy workshops with a team-building event, or some strategic planning, or an Agile session, or something completely different?

Custom-designed sustainability workshops


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Who we are

We are a team of pragmatic optimists. We believe that businesses are critical drivers of change, and that by engaging and involving all their people in their sustainability journey, they can be part of a movement to create a better present and sustainable futures that are good for people, planet and prosperity.

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